Our Partners


Diversionary Theatre was founded in 1986 to provide quality theatre for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities. The mission of the theatre is to provide an inspiring and thought provoking theatrical platform to explore complex and diverse LGBT stories, which influence the larger cultural discussion.

Diversionary’s vision is to foster and amplify the next generation of LGBT voices providing live entertainment in a dynamic, inclusive and provocative environment that celebrates and preserves our unique culture.

Students interested in getting involved with Diversionary should check out their “Teen-Versionary” summer program:

“Teen-Versionary is unique, producing a new play exploring the LGBT experience, and the ensemble is comprised of LGBT teens and their allies, creating a safe space to creatively explore the story and characters. Through a two week intensive rehearsal process, the teen ensemble will get a taste of a professional theatre process in a fast paced environment where a new play is fully produced in two weeks.”

Abercrombie & Fitch and its Hollister brand have been proud supporters of anti-bullying efforts for several years. Through in-store activations and distributing educational programs to schools worldwide, the brands have reached over 1 million students to date. The company is honored to support ImpACT On Stage as it continues to share their programming with students. Our donations to ImpACT will help expand their program further within San Diego County, and eventually, help the organization grow to other cities.