Mission Statement

ImpACT on Stage is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to promote and enact social change through the use of live theater, by students for students.


What We Do

Through a variety of programs battling such issues as bullying and inclusion, consent and relationship violence, substance abuse, and human trafficking, we hope to make an impact in the lives of students and adults nationwide.

Our school programs include our proprietary curriculum, tied to the Common Core standards, that covers the terminology used in the live performances and begins to establish the scope and scale of each issue. We provide students and employees with engaging resources that are both informational and accessible, while teachers and bosses receive specific lesson-plans covering ways to have meaningful and successful conversations about these issues.

The ImpACT on Stage actors — dubbed ‘ImpACTors’ — facilitate interactive, in-your-face performances that question individuals’ awareness of aggressive behavior and challenge everyone to act as “UpStanders”, not just “ByStanders.” Each performance concludes with ImpACTors providing concrete tools that can be used to resolve difficult or dangerous situations safely and peacefully.

ImpACT’s post-performance curricula ensures that everyone is given the opportunity to discuss and digest the presentation. Working with school counselors and administrators as well as HR representatives, we provide resources for participants to reach out for further help should that be necessary.


How We Do It

Every actor involved with ImpACT on Stage goes through an intense audition process to ensure the highest quality performance. In addition to working professionally in their respective fields of performance, our actors are models for the behaviors that they are trying to promote, ensuring that participants can learn by example.

Our first step is always to meet with school administrators and craft a program specifically tailored to the needs of each school or institution. Once we have prioritized with administrators which issues will be featured in the performance, we begin the writing process. Actors bring their own experiences to the table in creating a collection of realistic scenarios to which participants can easily relate. Some scenes will resolve negatively, showing what is the most-often outcome of such situations. Some resolve positively, modeling the behavior we wish to promote. And some are left unresolved. In these cases, we involve the participants directly in the process, asking them what they would do were they placed in the situation and helping them to come to appropriate conclusions.

Why We Do It

While we recognize that we will never live in an entirely peaceful society, we imagine a world in which everyone is more aware of these kinds of issues, and more able to adequately advocate for themselves and for their peers and colleagues. It is the ultimate goal of ImpACT on Stage to establish a culture of compassion and kindness, and to foster a community where everyone feels safe and comfortable wherever they are: at school, at work, at home, and everywhere else.

What You Can Do

As a nonprofit organization, we rely heavily on donations as a means of fundraising. If you are interested in becoming a benefactor, please visit the “Donate” tab located at the top of our website.

We urge that everyone, regardless of age or involvement with the program, sign our “UpStander Pledge” and be a model citizen in your communities. Once you have done so, please consider sharing your choice with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat. Be sure to tag us @impactonstage or with the hashtag #MakeYourImpACT!

If you are an actor interested in auditioning for our company, a school, business, or community official interested in one of our programs, or have any additional questions, please email jacob@impactonstage.org.